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Ibanez Guitars and Basses

Ibanez opened 60 years ago in Japan when its founder began making Spanish guitars. Since then, the Ibanez name has been synonymous with creating musical instruments and accessories that beginner and professional musicians alike favour. Ibanez guitars and basses are some of the most popular in the world and are famous for their qualities. With all kinds of guitars and basses, including hollow body, solid body, signature series and acoustics, there is something by Ibanez to suit every player.

Electric and Acoustic Guitars

There are hundreds of guitars available in the Ibanez range in either electric or acoustic styles. Their electric guitars can be either hollow body or solid body, and you can identify them by their necks, frets and body shapes. Ibanez acoustic guitars are available in over 130 different styles and range from entry-level guitars to those used by professionals.

Bass Guitars

Ibanez bass guitars come in a number of series, with the SR (Soundgear) Series, Prestige SR and Premium SR being most popular. Their basses have detailed designs, and although electric basses are more common, there are still some acoustic basses by Ibanez that can draw your eye.

Signature Instruments

Ibanez is famous for teaming up with famous musicians to offer a signature series of guitars and basses. The signature models of basses feature such famous names as Fieldy, Gary Willis and Sharlee D’Angelo, and Ibanez carefully crafted each with the help of the musician. Their signature guitar range features famous guitarists like Steve Vai and Paul Stanley who helped to design the guitars bearing their name.

Equipment and Accessories

In addition to their range of basses and guitars, Ibanez also makes a number of accessories for the guitar player too. They have both electric and acoustic amplifiers, foot pedals to give you a unique sound, and guitar multi tools that allow for a quick fix of your favourite instrument on the go. Every branded accessory comes with the same quality that the Ibanez guitars and basses are famous for, and they’re a top choice for beginner and professional musicians alike.