Ice Pop Molds

Have the coolest snacks around thanks to these ice pop molds

Are you stuck in a snack rut? Sick of the same few options kicking around your pantry, fridge and freezer? Perhaps your kids are constantly complaining that they’re hungry, but they aren’t keen on any of the options on hand? Then it’s time to get creative with these fun ice pop molds from eBay.

Eat ice pops, save the planet

So why is homemade ice so nice? There are some compelling reasons why you should choose ice pop molds rather than pre-made ice blocks and ice creams from the supermarket. Even though the pre-made options can be delicious, they’re far less environmentally friendly when you take into account wrappers and packaging.

Good for your guts

Not only are homemade ice pops more eco-friendly, depending on your ingredient choices, they can also be a much healthier option for you and your family. Say goodbye to artificial colours and flavours, and instead choose exactly what you want to be ingesting. Recipe ideas include yoghurt and whole berries, fresh squeezed juice (e.g. watermelon or orange) which you can make with a manual juicer, and green smoothie pops.

Wave goodbye to waste

You might even find a way to limit food waste by using leftovers in your ice pops. Grab your mixing bowls and consider making pops with older berries, jam from the bottom of the jar, and close to expiry date milk and yoghurt.

Conserve your cash

It’s no secret that making your own food from scratch is often more cost-effective than buying pre-made products. As well as saving you cash at the check out, ice pop molds double up as an effective teaching and learning opportunity for your little ones. So save on the new toys and instead get them involved in the measuring, mixing and making of the pops. They’ll thank you when it comes time to tuck into the fruits of their labour!

So if your snack game’s a little boring these days, chill out because eBay’s ice pop molds have got you and your taste buds covered.