Impact Drivers

The impact driver offers two to three times more torque than the average drill. Using both rotation bits and power blows, it drives screws through the densest, thickest wooden materials. The resulting performance of this combo is some serious power. Discover your ideal impact driver here on eBay from top brands such as Hilti, Bosch, Ryobi, and DeWalt.

Find impact drivers suited for smaller DIY jobs at home and those designed to output a stronger performance, ideal for an industrial setting.

Unmatchable power

If you're sick of using average screwdrivers, an impact driver could fulfil your need for top turning power instead of your everyday drill. Using your average combination power tools for screws can damage the motor over time, so using the right drill for this task is vital for ensuring long lasting life for your drill.

Available as cordless impact drivers, these models offer the portability of the traditional screwdriver with unmatchable impact. Search for XR if extreme battery power fits your needs.

Work at speed

With no chuck, impact drivers offer quick bit changes and fastening. This feature also contributes to making them fairly lightweight. Carry your impact driver with you wherever you are, working at heights with no problem.

The cordless impact driver works with ruthless speed, making fastening screws into the toughest wood quick and easy. It's got impact in the name for a reason.

Sustainable features

Like many power tools, impact drivers are available with brushless motors, which reduces the chances of the motor burning out, offering a long-lasting life. With many building sites working without electricity, drivers with integrated LED lights are popular and offer a helping hand and a clearer view of the screw when working with the tool. This way, you can make sure your finished work is perfect every time.