Incense Burners

Magical incense burners for the mind, body & spirit

Add a touch of spirituality to your home with an incense burner. Originally used by the ancient Egyptians, incense was seen to have both practical and mystical properties. Often used for during meditation, incense and resin can be used to aid medical and spiritual healing. Now a popular part of 21st century culture, incense burners, and incense sticks are used in many homes both for their metaphysical properties, and simply to make the home smell nice!

Whatever you are looking to achieve, shop for your incense burners right here on eBay Australia.

Shop by style & material

Looking for a traditional incense holder, or for something a little different? Weve got you covered. From hand carved, homemade flat wooden holders to extravagant works of art that play with the smoke to create visual effects.

If youre after something simple, affordable and traditional, wooden boat designs or simple Buddha burner boxes with an ash catcher are ideal. Alternatively, shop for small lotus holders for the most simple solution, or widely-used brass stick holders. Ceramic or stone options are great for the outdoors - try burning anti-mosquito incense sticks at your barbies!

For something a little more eye-catching, ceramic backflow dragon designs make for a great gift or feature for your coffee table. These work fantastically with incense cones instead of incense sticks. They push the smoke into the design of the dragon to create a wonderful visual. Porcelain monk statue designs offer a great home censer too.

Great for the outdoors, or large rooms in your home, hanging charcoal holders are portable burners. Traditionally used in religious ceremonies, this type of burner adds a beautiful eloquence to your incense burning.

Incense burner accessories

Pair your burners with some simple accessories to make burning your incense easier. Charcoal tongs help you to light your charcoal safely when burning. You may wish to pair your burning with spiritual crystals and gemstones to create a mystical feel.