Incense & Incense Burning Supplies

Beautify Your Home With Incense

A simple way to change things up around the home is to focus not on how things look, but how they smell. Often, we find ourselves putting a lot of effort into getting the right appearance and maybe comfort level – but we forget the other senses. Incense is a great way to improve the ambience of a room, and it's easy to change the scent you use to match your mood or invoke a certain impression. It's also cheaper than repainting or refurnishing a room!

Get your scent just right

You'll find a wide range of incense scents and styles available on eBay, including incense sticks and crystals. Smudge sticks are quite popular – these tightly-bound bundles of herbs are designed for 'cleansing' the atmosphere in a room, but they can also be handy for chasing away unwanted insects and wildlife. Incense sticks are the standard that most of us are used to seeing, and they're also quite convenient – just add to a holder and light. Other options include incense resin and cones, which tend to provide a more concentrated scent but in a less convenient package.

Pick up an incense holder or burner

While smudge sticks need to be held in the hand and waved around, an incense stick needs only a holder and – preferably – something to catch the ash as it slowly burns. Many incense stick holders combine these functions. Incense resin needs a different setup. For this, you'll need an incense burner or charcoal brazier that you can light and add the incense to. Be careful using charcoal burners; these are often not recommended for indoor use.

Other incense supplies you'll need

After getting into using incense, most people find that they need somewhere to store their incense before use. A small wooden box is traditional, and you can find some lovely ones right here. Another option is a dedicated incense lighter. While you can use a standard cigarette lighter or box of matches just fine, many end up preferring a lighter with a longer rod and flame – fewer burnt fingers required!