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Get everything you need to fill your place with a sweet, relaxing fragrance with incense and incense burning supplies. Many households, religious services, and yoga studios around the world make use of incense, among other possible places. Incense accessories come in various styles and designs, so no matter what your personality or personal preferences, youre sure to find one for you.

Burner Required

The ease of use is one reason so many people like to burn incense sticks. To get it started, light the tip, gently extinguish the flame by blowing or fanning to start a smouldering effect, and then place the unlit end in a burner. You might choose to use an Antique Asian incense burner or a modern or traditional style one.

De-stress and Unwind

At the end of a busy day, everyone should take a few minutes to unwind and de-stress. Certain smells cause emotional reactions. Some foster tranquility while others promote a sense of joy and energy. Pick the scent that you need and sit back with a warm cup of tea and just relax. Lavender is a perfect aroma because it calms and reduces anxiety, which in turn allows you to unwind.

Strong Scents

Let the smell of vanilla take you back to your Grandmas kitchen, or go with cedar back to your childhood spent playing outside. Earthy fragrances tend to be more popular with incense burning people, but its really up to you, your likes, and what you are in the mood for on a specific day.

More than a Stick

Incense comes in more shapes than a straight stick. Incense cones, coils, and spirals are also available for burning. Coils require a coil burner or users can place them on a bowl burner on a bed of natural ash. The same is true for spirals; you need a special spiral incense holder to use the product correctly.