Incontinence Aids

Live more confidently with incontinence aids

If youre dealing with incontinence, you want solutions that are discreet, effective and allow you to live freely, day-to-day. On eBay, youll find a wide range of incontinence aids for all kinds of bladder weakness problems. Whether its small daytime leaks, or night time bed-wetting, these great products help you live life to the full.

Adult Care

On eBay you can browse an extensive range of absorbent, disposable adult pads, pants and diapers to find a solution that works for you. Plus, with a variety of night time aids, such as bedpans, bottles, and mattress pads, you can sleep sound in the knowledge that youre well covered.

Pelvic floor exercisers

For those looking for ways to deal with incontinence in the long-term, pelvic floor exercisers offer a non-surgical and drug-free solution. These discreet electronic exercisers help tone muscle groups associated with incontinence, and restore bladder control. With a range of different devices and accessories, pelvic floor exercisers can be used by both men and women, and can even be used to prevent faecal incontinence.

Incontinence in children

Youll find a range of products on eBay to give you and your child peace of mind throughout the night. From waterproof mattress protectors to reusable cloth nappies in a range of attractive colours and patterns, youll find something to put your little one at ease.

Bedwetting alarms

To help prevent accidents throughout the night, discover the range of night trainers and bedwetting alarms available on eBay. These handy watch-shaped devices use behavioural techniques to help your child overcome bedwetting problems.

Using moisture sensors in your childs underwear, the alarm wakes them to let them know they need to use the toilet. And over time, your child begins to associate the feeling of a full bladder with waking up, helping them on their way to trouble-free sleepovers.