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Individual Bread Bins

Storing Food

Food wastage costs households money, so it’s in everybody’s best interests to make sure food stays fresh for as long as possible. Your storage containers make a big difference to how long the food lasts, so they should be chosen with care. Delicate foods like bread can have an extended shelf life just by investing in the right bread bin or individual food storage containers.

Storing Bread

It’s easy to keep bread fresh for longer by storing it correctly. Crusty bread should be eaten on the day it’s baked for the best result. Soft bread should be stored at room temperature in a bread bag or a storage bin to keep it soft and and stop it drying out. The exception to the rule is when the day is particularly hot and humid - then the fridge is the best storage option.

Bread Bin Design

The roll-back cover of the traditional bread bin is a statement feature and manufacturers have been devising variations on that original hinged design for decades. A shape that maximises the interior capacity of the bread bin is often a good choice in a family home and there are expandable styles on the market. Some resemble biscuit barrels, while others have a transparent window to save time when you want to check the state of play in your bread bin.

Bread Bin Materials

A bread bin should be a container that keeps the air out, but still gives bread room to breathe. Wooden food storage containers are a traditional option, which can be more environmentally friendly. However, they can be more susceptible to damage, and can retain moisture. Metal bread bins, such as stainless steel bread bins, are more durable and often have a better seal. Metal bread bins come in a range of colours, so it should not be difficult to find one that blends in well with your existing kitchen decor.

Other Storage

Before choosing a container to store bread (or any other kind of food), consider how airtight you will need the container to be, what size you require and how well it will complement other items in your kitchen. Some bread storage containers have been designed to look retro. Others are purely functional, with emphasis on the longevity of the contents.