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Indoor Soccer Shoes

Indoor Soccer Shoes

Indoor soccer is a demanding sport that requires specialised shoes. The constant dribbling, running, twists and sharp turns on the hard indoor surfaces can only performed using a light, flat sole soccer boot. Those who do not use proper indoor soccer shoes risk not only bad performance on the court, but also slip-related injuries. To choose the right shoes, start from the boot construction, materials and work your way through all its features.

Indoor Compatible Boots

While the most compatible type of soccer boots are labelled as indoor soccer shoes, there are other types which are compatible with the indoor dynamics. Hard ground surface shoes is the most universal type, offering adequate performance on both hard and firm surfaces. With the large number of conical studs on the hard ground boot, you can get decent traction on just about any surface except artificial ground. Artificial turf boots is another type compatible with the indoor terrain. Boots marked with AT have a low profile and a concentrated number of small rubber studs, which work well on indoor surfaces. AT boots should not be confused with AG or artificial ground types, which are very unsuited for indoor use.

Materials and Weight

Choosing soccer clothing and boots always involves a careful consideration of the materials used. Leather is the old-school choice as it gives a unique contact feeling between the ball and the boot. There are artificial leather models as well, but high-end models use real leather only. Note that the leather indoor soccer shoes are usually heavier, though a lot depends on the sole material as well. Synthetic and mesh boots have become more popular due to their lower weight. Both materials offer superior breathability of the foot and create a much thinner barrier between the ball and the foot. These materials are also more flexible and that can also boost your speed and manoeuvrability. Still, since the main goal is to have best control over the ball, most players choose based on personal experience and preference.