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Induction Cooktops

The cornerstone of any contemporary kitchen, induction cooktops offer a sleek and modern-looking alternative to traditional gas burner stoves. eBay has a huge range of induction cooktops from all the big brands, including Fisher & Paykel, Electrolux, Westinghouse, Beko and Bosch.

What is induction cooking? A type of electric cooktop , induction cooktops forego flames and electric elements, instead utilising a process known as "magnetic induction" to heat fry pans, saucepans and pots made from ferromagnetic materials, such as cast iron and sometimes stainless steel. Copper, glass, aluminum and other non-magnetic materials can still be heated if a ferromagnetic disk is placed beneath them.

Induction cooktops offer a few advantages over their gas-powered counterparts. No open flame means less waste heat is put into the kitchen, plus a safer cooking environment, as only the cooking vessel itself is heated. Faster and more consistent at heating, an induction element offers precise control and heating performance comparable to a gas burner, but is significantly more energy efficient.

Usually made from a glass ceramic, the surface of an induction cooktop is elegant in appearance when not in use and, being completely flat, can be much easier to clean than a conventional stovetop. Blending in well with the benchtop, this flat surface doubles as an extension of your benchspace, something we all can never get enough of!

Available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 zone configurations, youre sure to find a size and look on eBay that will complement your kitchen. Be sure to check your pots and pans are compatible with induction cooking, or you might have to budget for some that are - good thing youre on eBay!

Struggling for space? Already have a gas burner stove and want to reap the benefits of induction cooking? You might want to consider a portable induction cooktop that can be plugged in and stored away when not in use. A wide range of 1 and 2 zone portable induction cooktops are available on eBay, with simple or advanced user settings to make cooking a breeze.

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