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Industrial Band Saws

Industrial Band Saws

Industrial band saws prove to be almost indispensable within the metalworking, timber, and food processing industry. Just like industrial drop saws, not all band saws are equal when it comes to the way workers operate this type of machinery. There are some key benefits and differences worth considering for those who want to add this piece of machinery to their shop or workplace.

Fast Speeds

Industrial band saws are powerful beasts when it comes to the speed at which these tools can process work. Industrial band saws can outperform hand saws when it comes to the amount of work that people can accomplish in the same amount of time. A typical metal band saw for industrial use has cutting speeds of 12 to 1,500 metres per minute, while some extremely heavy-duty metal band saws are capable of speeds up to 4,500 metres per minute.

Efficient Handling

Industrial band saws are not only able to cut quickly, but they can also cut with great accuracy while achieving high cutting speeds. Even though industrial saws can glide through hard surfaces at extremely fast speeds, this machinery is still easy for a skilled worker to handle. Materials that are cut accurately and in high volume help to make the production process more efficient.

Cutting Styles

Industrial band saws are available with both a vertical and horizontal cutting design. Vertical designs require the workpiece to move through the cutting area while the industrial saw blades remain stationary. Band saws with vertical designs are ideal for cutting shapes that have difficult angles. Horizontal cutting designs have blades that move to cut through a stationary workpiece and are often used to cut metal pipes or similar materials to specified lengths.


Workers who use industrial band saws need to operate the machinery with extreme caution. It is necessary to guard the blade, except at the point where the cutting takes place, and the pulley mechanism needs to be completely enclosed. Blade guards with self-adjusting features help to keep workers safe.

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