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If you need more precision than you get from the old brick splitter/guillotine, you can't go past eBay's range of brick saws to ensure a clean and even cut. Electric or petrol, freestanding or fitted with pneumatic tyres for easy portability - we're sure to have a model to suit your needs. Cut concrete, masonry, brick, pavers and tiles with ease.

You don't have to buy brand new industrial tools to get a good job done - find a pre-owned brick saw bargain by browsing through the listings or checking the "Used" box in eBay's advanced search panel.

Making The Cut

Blade choice is an important consideration for the job and materials at hand. Most brick saws utilise a diamond saw blade which has small diamonds fixed on its edge for cutting through hard or abrasive materials. However, different materials require different blade patterns/designs. Did you know that some blades are made sharper than others, whilst some are made intentionally dull to suit slower and faster cutting speeds? As always, research your requirements and match them to the product specifications in listings so that you don't end up with the wrong tool for the job. Sellers can be a great source of advice - if you're unsure, send them a question.

Parts & Accessories

Hit a saw spot? Within our listings you'll find accessories and replacement parts, including spare industrial saw blades , carriage tables and wheels. Sellers sometimes carry spare parts and accessories they haven't listed yet - it may be worth sending them a question or following the seller for future needs.

Safety No.1

Don't forget the safety gear! When using any saws, gloves, goggles and ear muffs are an absolute must. Brick saws also create a lot of dust that isn't too friendly on the lungs, so you might want to consider wearing a breathing/dust mask. eBay has a great range of quality protective gear for on the job.

Not into bricks and mortar? For all your other cutting and sawing needs, check out eBay's other categories under industrial saws , including drop saws, table saws, band saws, circular and jig saws.

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