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Industrial Cement Mixers

Keep On Rolling

Dont turn your wheelbarrow into a concrete coated memoir of the last time you mixed cement! Whether backyard DIY builder or professional bricklayer, if youre planning on laying some concrete or putting down mortar the easy way, youll probably want a portable cement mixer by your side. eBay has the right tool for the job with our huge range of portable cement mixers to keep the concrete wet and well mixed, ready for pouring when you need it.

Size Matters

You dont need to burn a hole in your pocket for a good cement mixer. Budgeting for a small 63 litre portable will get you through most backyard jobs without pondering whether you should have just paid a professional to do it. These lightweight models dont take up much space, are easy to move around on their pneumatic tyres, utilise small and powerful electric motors to keep things mixing while you work, and have tipper handles to help you pour. If youre serious about cement and mixing mortar at midday, eBays range of professional and industrial grade concrete mixers feature powerful motors and larger drums to save you constantly filling up.

Alternative Uses

Cement mixers arent just for cement. They are handy machines for all kinds of mixing jobs, so get creative! Many farmers and gardners use their mixers to mix up feeds, fertilisers, potting soils, sand and gravels.

Cut It Out

Its one thing to create a piece of concrete, another to shape it or remove it! Need an industrial concrete cutter to lift, refine edges or create joints with precision? eBay has a range of serious machines from brands like Stihl and Husqvarna, in new and pre-owned condition, plus an assortment of blades that are sure to make the cut. Done with concrete? Check out our other categories of other industrial hardware for all your industrial power tool and machine needs.