Industrial Concrete Cutters

Cut concrete with better precision thanks to a concrete saw, available right here on eBay. Also known as a concrete cutter, this handy tool will have you carving up that concrete with the best possible finish. Whether youre a hobbyist, DIYer, or a tradie, a specialised circular concrete saw can help make this heavy duty work much easier. Round out your tool shed with a concrete vibrator or cement mixer, and youll have a range of tools ready to get the job done.

What to look for when buying a concrete saw
The first thing to look for in a high quality concrete saw is the type of blade. Diamond blades are specifically designed to cut through even the most rigid surface, particularly concrete and reinforced concrete.

Concrete is a composite material made from aggregate and a binder such as cement. Concrete has a low tensile strength and may have steel rods or bars to keep it strong. This is then called reinforced concrete.

If youre only looking to cut through a few concrete pipes, then it might be more cost effective to find a concrete saw with segmented blades rather than diamond.

Concrete cutting tips
Always let the weight of the saw do the cutting. Dont feel like you have to force the concrete saw through the material. Use chalk to draw where you want to make cuts. That way you can stay on line as you use such a heavy duty tool. When you are cutting, always wear protective gear to ensure your safety, including goggles, ear muffs, and gloves.

Buying your next concrete saw online will help you save time and possibly money. Theres a wide range of designs, styles, brands, and models of concrete cutters available at your fingertips. Compare the RPM and horsepower engines with the variety of listings here on eBay, confirm the features that you want, and youll be cutting concrete in no time.