Drill down to get the job done quickly

From masonry combinations sets, precision bits and micro-bits to HSS high-speed steel industrial drilling bits and more.

When you get into a drilling job, who knows what kind of material you'll be faced with. Thankfully, you'll discover a great variety of top-quality drill bits, ideal for all material types, be it wood or plastics. From jobber and spade bits to tools designed to make a conical hole for a lathe centre, you'll find drilling bits in a range of sizes from all the leading brands like Hilti, DEWALT, Makita and more.

From handyman tools to all industrial needs

As one of the most specific industrial hardware parts, it's essential to use the right type of drill bit. It must be used in the right way and be suitably sharpened so you get effective use from it.

If your job is pretty basic, a set of high-speed steel twist drills and a few masonry bits are enough for the average handyman. But for more refined tasks that involve advanced material, other bits may be necessary, most likely bigger, or ones designed for a specific job or material.

Spiral and twist bits

Probably the most common drilling tools used, twist bits are used with either a hand screwdriver or electric drill. The front edges cut the material whilst the spirals along the length remove the debris from the hole, keeping the bit straight. Most are used on wood, metal, plastics and similar materials and are made from high-speed steel (HSS) or carbon steel. Twist bits are also available coated with titanium nitride, and can be distinguished by their gold-like colour.

Masonry bits

These are made for drilling into stone, concrete, brick or quarry tiles, with the cutting tip usually made from tungsten carbide bonded to a spiralled steel shaft. The majority of masonry bits can be used with a hammer action power drill.