Industrial Drills

Drill down to find your perfect power tool

If you want to renovate your home, you should save your precious coins and have a crack at some DIY yourself. Save the expensive builders for the bigger projects and keep costs down by investing in some heavy-duty power tools to help you tackle those at-home DIY jobs. Lets face it, no DIY toolkit is complete without a drill. From electric core drills and hammer drills to industrial drills, metal drills and magnetic drills, theres plenty of equipment and accessories here for both construction and workshop use to help you complete your job safely.

Youll find industrial hardware, accessories and power tools from leading brands such as Milwaukee, Hilti, Makita, and DEWALK, to name just a few so you can finish all aspects of a job with minimal fuss and maximum precision.

Heavy duty industrial drills and equipment

On eBay, youll come across masonry drills, pneumatic industrial drills, multifunctioning cutting machines and more. Industrial drills are perfect for when youre using ladders and step ladders to carry out those jobs that involve a little more reach and mobility. Whats more, theyre useful when you need to gain access to parts of your property that you couldnt normally reach with standard tools.

From simple tasks like fitting some shelves to tackling larger projects like drilling through walls or floors, rest assured youll find the ultimate drill to tackle the task in hand, be it inside or outside your home.

Youll find high-quality tools from the most trustworthy brands, so when you shop here youre making an investment in power tools that are sure to last.

Dont miss eBays selection of other power tool accessories like industrial saws, angle grinders, cement mixers, industrial hammer drills, cordless drills, sanders, and hardware combos if you need a particular fitting to complement your new power tool or a new piece of equipment for your existing industrial drill.