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Industrial Fence Posts

Industrial fence posts play an important role as they provide the foundations upon which the whole fence stands. From mere boundary-marking fences, to ones strong enough to resist forced entry, the posts serve as the main building blocks. The effort and attention you devote to choosing the posts should be equal to that devoted to choosing and designing the fence panels or rails.

Fence Post Material

Industrial fence posts are made and sold in bulk, usually made from sturdy, affordable materials that offer decent durability. Steel is the main material used to mass produce fence posts, and it comes in various forms. If you decide to purchase the most basic steel models, you might consider investing in metal paint to weatherproof the posts and protect your investment. Coated and galvanised steel posts are the high end version and these fare better in challenging weather conditions. Note that coating wears off, while galvanisation provides a protective layer that lasts a lifetime. Aluminium and wood posts are rarer, but are also available industrial options. Both are softer and lighter than steel, which makes them easier to install and a good choice if you just need to fence-off a region. Aluminium is very durable, while wood requires regular maintenance.

Fence Types

The fence type also plays a significant role in the selection of the posts themselves. A chain link fence is usually combined with steel posts, as, being all made from steel, welding is easier. Aluminium and wood combinations with a chain link fence are also possible, though wood is mainly used in combination with wooden planks and boards. All-aluminium industrial fencing can also be found, although its high cost usually restricts this material to small areas.

Protective Caps and Insulators

Metal posts are hollow, and, more often than not, have a protective coating just on the outside. To protect a steel post from rotting from the inside, consider investing in post caps as well. Protective post caps come in all shapes and sizes, usually in either stainless steel or plastic. Plastic ones are usually combined with industrial fencing insulators for those who wish to set up an intruder-repelling electric fence around the premises.

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