Turning petrol or gas into electrical power, generators allow you to take your power tools, machinery and other AC powered appliances everywhere you can take the generator. For tradespeople who depend on their electric power tools at remote locations, this is a must! Many campers and recreational vehicle users recruit generators to supply their mains power, rather than drawing it from their vehicle and risking a flat battery. Generators are also exceptional back up power supplies during blackouts.

eBay has all the best brands of industrial generators at great prices, including Honda, Yamaha, Kubota, Subaru and Cummins.

Considerations - what to look for in a generator

Your requirements! Do you need single phase, 240V power or three phase? Is silent operation important to you? Many generators incorporate pure sine wave inverter technology. Pure sine wave ensures your more sensitive electronics, such as TVs, computers and medical equipment do not experience interference from the conversion of DC to AC power. Non-sensitive appliances such as industrial pressure cleaners do not require a pure sine wave. Look also for models that incorporate an RCD safety switch, as this provides an increased protection against electrical shock and fire hazards.

How much power do I need?

To ensure a generator is up to the task, find out what its rated power output is in watts or kilowatts. Many sellers list this figure in the specification tables of their product listing. Compare this power output to the wattage of the appliances you plan to run off the generator and ensure the generator exceeds them. Some generators have two or more AC sockets, in which case you'll need to add up the wattage of any appliances you plan to run at the same time. Some appliances, such as industrial drills , are particularly demanding and require large amounts of power. If you're ever unsure, ask the seller a question!

While you're looking at generators, you might like to explore eBay's huge range of other industrial hardware for anything else that may be missing from your line up of power tools and equipment.