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Industrial Hammer Drills

Industrial Hammer Drills

Hammer drills are essentially a rotary drill that has a hammering action capability. The drill creates short, fast hammering strokes that break apart fragile material allow to drill much more easily. Power these tools by plugging them into an outlet, however, more and more drills are becoming battery operated. Hammer drills have a special mechanism referred to as a clutch that not only spins the bit but also punches it in and out. This type of drill is great for masonry work as it can easily break up brick or concrete. These tools also have the option of switch a lever to turn them into traditional drills for wood or metalwork. This option is great since you’re able to multitask when using this tool. These drills are larger and heavier than regular drills however, tradesman prefer to use them on the job, not knowing the type of drilling that may encounter.

Types of Hammer Drills

There are a few different types of hammer drills available for your needs. First off, a dedicated hammer drill or rotary drill is specifically for masonry work. These are relatively expensive but pack a punch when it comes to easily finishing the job. A corded drill with hammer setting is helpful when you have outlets and electricity to use and you don’t have to worry about charging a battery. These drills have more power to them and a higher RPM. A cordless drill with hammer option is helpful for when you have a job without the benefit of having electricity nearby. Some newer drills come with the battery power that rivals plug-in drills. The cordless drill is helpful for when you have a smaller job to complete as opposed to having to drill multiple holes for an extended period of time. Many people interchange the terminology of a hammer drill and impact driver when talking tools; however, these two are relatively different when it comes to their purpose. Hammer drills exert force into the bit as the drill hits the material youre working with. Impact drivers increase the force being sent perpendicular to the bit.

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