Industrial Hand Tools

Before factories began automating their manufacturing process, workers used hand tools to do all the screwing, ratcheting, drilling, and so forth. It was a laborious but effective process. In modern times, you may see hand tools in some factories, but most are relegated to workshop and garage use. If you are starting a tool collection for your very own garage, explore the many types of industrial hand tools available.


Simple hand pliers are great for small workloads, but if you’ve moved on to larger, tougher projects, then upping your arsenal with industrial pliers is a good decision. If you run a garage or are an advanced DIYer or mechanic, having your own battery cable crimper makes it much easier to attach battery cable attachments to large automotive electrical wires. The tool's long arms allow more leverage for stronger crimping force. Of course, you can also find small crimpers you can use one-handed for smaller jobs. Moreover, side cutters are essential workshop tools for cutting wire, steel cables, and removing electrical wiring from spare car parts and other components.


Industrial calipers have two hinged legs and give you precise readouts of external and internal dimensions. You can smoothly adjust the legs and bring them back together until you 'clamp' them both against the surface you want to measure. Look for ones with digital LED screens that display precise readings to one decimal place.

Cable Strippers

While normal handheld wire strippers make quick work of thinner gauge wire, a dedicated cable stripper is a good tool for removing insulation from thick cables, such as those for automotive applications. Industrial cable strippers have a C-frame design with a blade you can set at the exact depth of the insulation so you never run the risk of cutting off the cable strands.

Measuring Tape

Among the most useful metalworking tools for any work scenario, industrial measuring tape is made of a thin but long steel rolled into a compact housing with a retractable mechanism. It includes a lock so you can hold it in place while you take measurements.