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Industrial Hard Hats & Bump Caps

Industrial Hard Hats

No matter what the work site, head protection is vital in almost any construction or similar job. Not only do hard hats protect you against falling objects, they also protect your head when you fall. When picking a hard hat, dont forget comfort; protective equipment only works if you wear it, so if its not comfortable its less likely to be able to do its job.

Hard Hats

Its important to remember that hard hats do have a service life. Just like anything else, the more it gets used, the shorter its effective lifespan. A hard hat you dont use often or you take care of may easily outlast the standard three year lifespan. Another that takes a lot knocks may need replacing more often. What is important is that even though the hat itself is good for three years or more, the harness and suspension inside is only good for two years.

Bump Caps

While they may look similar, there is a difference between industrial hard hats and bump caps. Where a hard hat is supposed to protect your head from serious impacts, a bump cap is only there to protect from minor scrapes and bruises. Its what you wear so you dont knock your head on a low ceiling, not to protect you from falling objects.

Face Shields

One other feature to consider is a face shield. While not all jobs call for industrial hard hats or face shields, they are very important for those jobs where you need them. Anywhere theres something liable to come flying through the air, be it dust, gravel, or even chemicals, a face shield can make all the difference.


No matter what kind of industrial job you have, protection and safety should always be on your mind. Good protective gear is not only comfortable, it also provides peace of mind by enabling you to focus on what youre doing.