Industrial Hex Nuts

Rivnut Nuts

Rivnut nuts are industrial supplies that also are commonly referred to as rivet nuts or blind rivet nuts. There are a variety of metric sizes available to fit any need and knowing more about these tool accessories helps people find the right options for any job requirement.


Rivnuts are a specialised fastener that many people choose to replace square or hexagon nuts. People use these types of fasteners because they offer a user-friendly installation option over other types of nuts, These nuts also stay in place so the chances of losing them within a work area panel is virtually slim to none.


Industrial tee nuts, as well as other rivnuts, are available in closed-end or open-end styles. The popular hex nuts and other rivet nut varieties come in a wide selection of material choices that include stainless steel, aluminium and extremely durable steel varieties. Users can choose from metric coarse thread size styles for their industrial hex nuts as well as UNC thread options.


Rivnuts rivet nuts come in an array of body styles and thread sizes so it is easy to find options for any application need. Designs include full hex, partial hex and round body styles. Round rivet nuts may also be splined which give the nut a good grip on the fastening body material. Blind rivet nuts are useful for mounting nuts and studs without need to apply any type of counter pressure which makes it possible to set the fastener into hollow sections. There are many different types of rivet nuts available in different sizes which makes the rivnut ideal for fasteners that also offer additional functionality.

Flange Choices

Rivnut nuts are also available in a selection of different flange or head choices. Flange styles include nuts that differ in thickness as well as diametre. It is a good idea to review the job requirement needs in order to find the right size nut and standoff range when selecting this type of fastening.