Industrial Jackhammers

Rip up that concrete, shatter those rocks, and carve your name in the pavement with a brutal jack hammer available right here on eBay.

Enjoy the inner workings of the jack hammer

Also known as a concrete breaker or demolition jack hammer, the combination of the hammer and the chisel is a force truly to be reckoned with. A handheld jack hammer is typically powered by compressed air, although some are electric. It operates by driving an internal hammer up and down to strike the chisel, however, its important to note that the effectiveness of the jack hammer also depends on force applied by the user of the tool.

What to consider when purchasing a jack hammer

The first thing to consider is whether you want pneumatic, electric, or a more specialised gas model. For smaller jobs, a pneumatic or electric will do the job and you won’t be overspending for features you don’t need. Always look for a durable design and construction, heavy duty materials, and a vibration or impact resistant body.

Look for the percussion rate and impact. This tells you how effective the jack hammer will be at the job, measured in hammer blows per minute. This spec is likely more important than the watts of the machine. Think about the weight of the model you are looking at. Lightweight models are more versatile, but you will need enough weight to get the job done, so youll need to balance versatility with the types of jobs youll typically be doing.

Consider the type of chisel or bit that will best suit your typical job. Some kits come with a variety of bits, while others only have the one. Other features a jack hammer listing may include are: anti vibration handles, adjustable handles, cooling mechanisms, included safety gloves, and carry cases.

If you’re on the lookout to upgrade, replace, or add to your existing tool collection, check out eBay’s range of industrial concrete cutters and industrial angle grinders. Whatever the demolition jack hammer to suit your work, you’re sure to hammer one down here on eBay at a great price with everything you need.