Industrial Lifting Slings

Industrial Lifting Slings

Unbranded industrial lifting slings are designed for you to do your heavy lifting with ease. They are generally used in conjunction with a crane, powered hoist, or other lifting device and can be purchased in numerous different materials. You can opt for heavy-duty chain or wire rope slings, as well as flexible nylon and polyester industrial lifting slings, which can be complemented by a range of industrial hardware parts.

Understanding Your Application

The type of industrial lifting sling you choose depends on its application and its important that you understand the weight, centre of gravity, and attachment points to ensure a balanced lift. Determine the sling angles, reach, upper and lower fittings, as well as the surrounding conditions in your work area before deciding which type of sling and material will work best.

Chain Slings

Grade 63, 80, and 100 alloy steel chains are standard throughout the construction industry and contain elements to ensure strength, durability, and abrasion resistance. They can hold up against chemicals and UV radiation, as well as strong impacts, and can be used at higher temperatures than synthetic slings. Their strength can be put to the test in a whole range of environments, even particularly oily or dirty settings, and they tend to have a longer service life when compared to synthetic slings.

Synthetic Slings

Synthetic slings, such as nylon and polyester, are much lighter to manage than chain slings and tend to be more flexible. They can be used in a choker hitch with ease and they wont run the risk of scratching your loads like chain slings. If a synthetic sling breaks, its reduced whipping force when compared to a chain sling also means that it wont be as threatening to operators or those working in the immediate vicinity.

Wire Rope Slings

Wire rope slings are created by twisting together multiple strands of wire into a thick rope, with each helping to carry weight within the sling. Even if one strand is damaged, the others will hold the load secure. They are generally available in longer lengths than other industrial sling types and are light to manage and perform work.