Get a stronger grip with industrial magnets

Magnets can be used for a range of tasks, but if you require heavy duty industrial hardware, industrial magnets offer strength and reliability in abundance. This style of magnet comes in a variety of sizes from small yet powerful craft magnets to larger examples that have an extensive pull and can lift heavy objects with ease. You can also select a range of shapes depending on your requirements. 

Recovery magnets

One of the most popular uses for industrial magnets includes retrieving things from obscure places. They are designed for heavy-duty application and often come in either pot or raw magnet styles. 

These types of magnets are very similar, but pot magnets are crafted to clamp directly onto a steel surface, and raw magnets can also be applied directly to a surface, and both repel or attract other magnets. Choosing the type that is suitable for the job will help retrieve items and are ideal for fishing uses. 

Adhesive magnets

This style of magnet is handy for many types of application. Combining a self-adhesive side and magnetic strip is perfect for use in areas such as retail, for displays and regularly changing merchandise spaces. Most self-adhesive magnets are made with strong and robust adhesive so you can rely on this product for peace of mind. 

Neodymium or rare earth magnets

This magnet is one of the most high-performance examples available, making them a great choice for a large number of jobs and a valuable addition to your business and industrial supplies. They are permanently strong and will not lose magnetism unless heated to a high temperature. 

You'll find a range of shapes in this magnet, from disk, block, sphere and arcs to name a few, and they are ideal for use in fishing equipment, bicycle repairs and electronic devices, as well as other household tasks and more heavy-duty applications.