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Industrial Measuring Squares

Whether you work as a carpenter or designer, or in another field in which measuring is important, having the right tools is imperative. There are several different types of industrial measuring squares that designers and engineers frequently use along with hand tools in order to measure properly for projects, such as door jambs, openings and other types of construction. Whether you need a carpenter's square or a combination, these measurement tools help get the job done precisely and thoroughly.

Carpenter's Squares

A carpenter's square is typically made out of steel or other metal, and is an L shape. Because of its shape, this type of industrial hand tool is best used for measuring corners and other tight spaces. While other types of squares include multiple rulers and gauges, the carpenter's square includes just two units of measurement, on each side of the L.

Quick Squares

A quick, or speed, square is much smaller than a carpenter's square, but in actuality, this square is a triangle. This small piece is meant for measuring the smallest of corners and spaces, ensuring that the measurement is perfect for a tight fit. This speed square offers several different units of measurement, two on each side of the triangle, and smaller measurements on the inside as well. This handy tool fits right in the pocket for quick measuring at any time.

Combination Squares

A combination square is actually a set with several different types of measuring tools. With a combination square, you can measure for light or heavy machinery projects, as well as carpentry and other design projects. This square is a long ruler that comes with a slide, so that right angles can be measured accurately and appropriately. With a kit, this also includes a protractor and centre head for extra ways to measure. Smaller combination squares may also be referred to as right angle rulers, or right angle guides.

Common Brands

When it comes to industrial squares, there are a few, well-known brands that manufacture them. Look for industrial squares made by Grainger, Moore & Wright, Empire and Stanley. Essentially, most companies that manufacture other hand tools also make these measuring tools.

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