Common Questions About Buying Mini Excavators

Whether you own a construction business or an excavator rental service, used mini excavators can be an affordable way to add smaller excavation equipment to your repertoire. These small tractors and dozers are well-suited to small projects like digging trenches for laying utility lines or uncovering a broken water line that needs repair. The variety of makes and models on aftermarkets like eBay ensures that you can find an excavator that will fit your existing line-up of equipment.

The advantages of purchasing used mini excavators

There are several good reasons that make buying used mini excavators for sale a good option. The obvious advantage is cost: used equipment comes at a substantial discount compared to a new equipment purchase. A related financial advantage is that owning a pre-owned excavator involves less depreciation year-over-year compared to a new one. These savings are sometimes large enough to make buying a used mini excavator in need of repairs less expensive. New purchases of construction equipment can have long lead times before delivery as well because manufacturers often build equipment as they receive orders. When you buy a used excavator, you can take immediate possession and put it to work sooner in that case, making it a more profitable option.

Choosing the right mini excavator for your business

Excavators have several characteristics that make them suited to particular jobs. One obvious difference is their overall size. Mini excavators typically weigh less than 7 tons as compared to larger equipment than can reach 80 tons. When you determine that a mini-size excavator is right for your needs, there are a few other features to consider, including the following:

  • Engine power: The equipment's horsepower determines how well it'll handle the terrain of a worksite.
  • Weight: The overall weight of an excavator is important if you need to prevent excessive damage to a worksite's landscape.
  • Size: Consider the physical space an excavator occupies as well as its weight to ensure it fits your storage facility and worksites.
  • Bucket size: The volume of material the bucket can hold determines the speed an excavator can dig.
Which manufacturers make mini excavators?

Most of the major construction equipment manufacturers have excavators for sale as part of their product lineups, and they're found on most aftermarkets selling used equipment. At any given time, you can find models ranging in age from a couple to 20 years. Below is a list of some of the common excavator makes found on eBay, which will change depending on availability.

  • Bobcat mini excavators
  • Kubota mini excavators
  • Komatsu min excavators
  • John Deere mini excavators
  • Catapillar mini excavators