Industrial Overlocker Craft Sewing Machines

Industrial Overlocker Craft Sewing Machines

There are a lot of different industrial overlocker and craft sewing machines available in the market. The most popular industrial overlocker machine brands include Singer, Brother and Juki. These companies manufacture industrial overlocker machines which are suitable for small business and stitching businesses. The overlocker sewing machines are available in different sizes and have different overclocking needles.

Features of Industrial Overlocker Craft Sewing Machines

Overlocking sewing machines are a part and parcel of any tailors shop, stitching business and designing business. The overlocking machines are essential for seaming and hemming edges and seaming the different parts and fabrics together. Industrial overlocking machines have different overlocking patterns that can be chosen according to the size of the stitches, the quality and sturdiness of the fabric. Overlocking machines are also called seaming and serging machines and the stitches put through these machines ensure that the fabric still holds the capacity to stretch.

Different Types of Overlocker and Craft Sewing Machines

Some versions of industrial overlocking sewing machines are also able to cut the fabric at the same time while hemming it. The breadth of overlocking stitch can also be decided per the user needs. Usually industrial overlocking sewing machines have 4-6 stitching and hemming styles available. These machines run at very high speeds and seam and hem a large volume of fabric in a day.