Industrial Pipe Fittings

Industrial Plumbing Materials

If you work for or own a construction company, or regularly work on large-scale projects, you then know how important it is to have the right indusrial building materials made to do the job. When you have a big project, sometimes buying in bulk is best, and having high-quality, durable materials is a must as you begin to work on the infrastructure and pipes of a building. Whether you need industrial plumbing supplies for new work or are repairing an old system, you can easily choose from a large selection of valves, connectors, hand tools and other materials to help you get the job done quickly and easily.

Plumbing Valves

One of the most common necessities for plumbing, valves allow you to turn the water flow off and on at different points in the plumbing. Valves are usually part of materials youll find in the PVC industrial plumbing materials section, as PVC is the most common type of material when it comes to this type of pipe. Look for ball valves and adapters to help finish the job right the first time.

Tube Cutters

As PVC is one of the most preferred and common types of plumbing materials, youll need the ability to cut tube and other pipes down to size whenever you need a particular dimension. Instead of buying complicated electric tools, a handheld tube cutter gets the job done seamlessly. This small tool fits in the palm of your hand, and contains a cutting wheel, to easily cut tubing and pipe most commonly between the ranges of 35 and 76 mm. Look for tube cutters with a metal construction for cutting, and a TPE-covered knob to help protect against slips.


Connectors are one of the most important pieces when it comes to plumbing, and these always have to be an exact fit to prevent leaks or other problems. Look for hose connectors, crimp connectors, stem adapters, hose joiners, nuts and many other different types of connectors to help connect different kinds of pipe and tubing. Most often, these have a metal or copper construction, but its not uncommon to find connectors made of PVC.

Common Materials

When it comes to industrial plumbing supplies, PVC, metal and copper are the most common construction materials. However, you may find you need a connector or valve made of a different material in order to complete a special job. You can also find plumbing supplies made of glass, plastic, steel, ceramic, aluminium, brass and wood, amongst others.