Industrial Power Supplies

A primary component that requires stability and standard protection during operation is a power supply. All electrical appliances and components rely on the efficiency of a durable power supply source for quality operation. There are various parts related to or associated with the supply. These parts work simultaneously to allow consistent delivery of power to the component for proper performance or operation.

When should you use an AC to DC power converter?

A power converter should be used anytime you need to from one form of electric energy to another. These are also known as ac adapters. Voltage and frequency can also be converted using a power converter. 

How do ac adapters work

AC adapters plug directly into the standard outlet. Once plugged in, it changes the electrical current of the wall outlet to meet the requirements of the device or appliance that is plugged in. It is usually available as a box that is positioned in the middle or at the end of the power cable. Electrical adapters are often used when traveling to other countries.

What industrial power supply accessories are available?

Accessories for your power supply are available. There are several different types to choose from. Here are a few to consider:

  • USB isolator
  • Switching Regulator
  • Cable cover
  • Power supply tip lights
  • Voltage regulator cardboard