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Industrial Rulers

Made to measure

Get the perfect length with an industrial ruler. No more worries about whether something will fit, no consternation over smudged pencil marks. A high-precision, quality industrial ruler will help you get everything to scale.

Getting into a project and realising that a piece of material wont fit because the cut is slightly out can cause all manner of problems. Not only is it costly, its also time-consuming and can set everything back. Industrial rulers, like all industrial hand tools get a lot of wear and a dirty old ruler can leave unsightly marks on a brand new project. If youve got one of your rulers so covered in dirt and heavily scratched over the years, its time to get a new one.

Everything to scale

As hobbyists and engineers alike will confirm, precision is key to getting a project done perfectly. With an industrial ruler carrying both metric and imperial measurements if needed, you can get something made out of aluminum, stainless steel or plastic, and find one that will last.

A stainless steel ruler offers the benefit of withstanding industrial everyday pressures such as being dropped, stood on, or getting trapped in something in the way a plastic version may not, but the transparency of a plastic ruler may well help you to see when measuring.

Great lengths

One of the other issues about trying to measure longer items for cutting and putting together is if you only have a short ruler. Handily, you can also get foldable rulers, which extend into a much longer format than typical versions. This can enable you to get an accurate reading on much bigger pieces without losing the precision. You can also find other shapes of ruler such as industrial rulers squares.

So whatever youre planning to put together, its important to know you can do it right first time. Whatever industrial ruler youre after, youll find it on eBay.