Industrial Saws

Industrial Saws

Saws are a key tool on construction sites due to their strength and versatility. The selection of saws available offers a number of cutting functions with a variety of specialised options for all those industrial jobs. There is a wide range of quality industrial saws available from top brands such as Dewalt, Makita, Hitachi and many others.

Popular industrial saws for building and construction work include table saws, drop saws, brick saws and band saw plus many other models in new and used condition. Machine operated saws make swift work of any cutting job.

Drop saws

The drop saw is a well-used cutting tool for builders and construction workers. Choosing a precision tool is key to producing clean and accurate cuts with a variety of materials. Drop saws often have several features to ensure ease of use and effective cutting including smooth bearing drop arm, easily adjustable mitre lever, front mount vice and powerful motor for fast, clean cuts. Many models also have carry handles so they are easy to move from job to job.

Table saws

Table saws are used by a number of people from professionals through to DIY enthusiasts. This handy tool is ideal for cutting a range of materials such as ceramic tiles, sheet materials and timber. The smooth motion of the saw helps you cut accurately, plus many models have a dust extraction option which reduces the mess both on the saw and the surrounding area.

You can change the blade on a table saw with ease, plus you can cut a range of material sizes with guides for getting the angle and position just right.

Parts and components for industrial saws

If youre looking for specific parts and components to repair your saw, there is a wide selection available for many models of equipment. Youll also find a replacement band saw blades made with quality metals for long-lasting use.