Industrial Stepper Motors

Industrial Stepper Motors

Industrial stepper motors are motors which have windings in their stator. These motors also have rotors where permanent magnets are attached. Once attached, they assist in fixed mechanical increments of the motors motion. These mechanical increments are called steps and are generally rotate in predefined angles. Step motors work simultaneously with stepper drives and a complete system takes 200 steps in each revolution. The biggest advantage of using industrial stepper motors is that it provides acceleration torque and controls and determines pulse rate. Installing a stepper motor eliminates the need of a feedback encoder and also help in reduction of overheating.

Unbranded Industrial Stepper Motors

There is a large variety of unbranded industrial stepper motors available in the market. The unbranded motors are available in separate pieces as well as in sets. They are usually available on wholesale rate when a large number of industrial stepper motors are purchased.

Nema Industrial Stepper Motors and Their Features

There are three types of industrial stepper motors; industrial stepper motors with variable reluctance, industrial stepper motors with permanent magnets, and Hybrid synchronous industrial stepper motors. The bearings, rotor and stator placement and angle on each is different and each type is used in specific industries. Large NEMA industrial stepper motors are able to provide enough power to run CNC projects seamlessly. It is able to take 200 steps per revolution meaning it has an angle of 1.8 degrees. The recommended voltage to run this stepper is 24-48V. The device itself is small and weighs only 1.8 kgs, however, the holding torque of this strong industrial stepper motor is 3.0Nm(

Stepper Motor Cables

A spare set of stepper motor cables should be kept at hand to ensure that there are no lags or unwanted changes in motor operation. The stepper motor cables usually have 6 pin JST connector on stepper side, and these cables work with different types of stepper motors. A NEMA stepper motor mount can also be purchased with the cables to ensure proper placement and more efficient functioning.