Industrial Switch Accessories

Other Industrial Electrical Switches

Almost all businesses, farms, retail stores and industrial factories rely on machines and electrical engineering applications to run. All of these machines and applications work in different ways, and the way they turn on varies as well. Many kinds of other industrial electrical switches are available to make your applications run smoothly, so you can spend more time worrying about more important things than having to electrical switches on and off.

What Types of Switches are Available?

There are all sorts of electrical safety switches available so you will be able to find what you need to complete your next project or replace a broken switch that you have.

  • Float switch: A float switch detects the amount of liquid within a container or tank and you can use it as an alarm or to control a pump. The device floats in the liquid, hence the name. These are particularly useful for gauging a tank filling up with liquid and are then able to control a pump to retain the liquid at the nominated level.
  • Level switch: A level switch also detects liquid in a tank and widely appears in sewers and water systems for housing complexes, water treatment plants and other such applications.
  • Micro switch: Micro switches are commonly for medical, automotive and industrial instruments and acts as a sensor. You can find them in many different engineering applications including in vending machines and elevators.

What Does a Timer Switch Do?

A timer switch goes in machines and toward other applications that function at certain times of the day or for set intervals during the day.