TIG, MIG or TIG/MIG inverter welders have a number of advantages in comparison to conventional welders. An inverter welder uses silicon based technology rather than heavy copper or aluminium transformers and rectifiers. These reliable, cost effective tools are also quite compact and portable thanks to a smaller transformer. Lower power consumption means an inverter welder can be plugged straight into a standard wall socket with household current as opposed to high voltage current. If your inverter welder is generator-friendly you can take it to any job, anywhere.It is most common for inverter welders to have a range up to 200 Amps, however you can also find models offering 220 or 280 Amps. Some of the important features and benefits to keep in mind include a stable arc that allows easy operation, fan cooling for superior performance and durability, protective circuit to prevent overheating, and strong compensation capability and resistance to voltage fluctuation.As is the case with most welding equipment, there are essentials and accessories you might need to use in conjunction with your inverter welder. For example, does the item come with a shoulder strap for hands-free carrying, along with everything you need to get started like an electrode holder and earth clamp?

In the market for an inverter welder for fabrication, repairs or metal body works? It's time to consider how inverter welding can help you get the job done as efficiently as possible. Quality inverter welders are capable of welding or joining just about anything and producing excellent metal results with minimal spatter cleanup, making these tools perfect for tradesmen, handymen, sculptors or anyone with the right gear and appropriate training.

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