Industrial Tape Measures

Industrial Tape Measures

Industrial rulers and tape measures are extremely useful for a wide array of construction projects. Industrial tape measures allow you to quickly and easily get accurate measurements so you can ensure that the pieces of your building project will fit together. There are many different types of industrial tape measures available, each with their own unique advantages.

Industrial Open Reel Tape Measures

Industrial open reel tape measures are ideal for measuring larger things. They feature a large amount of tape, sometimes as much as 50 metres. These measures typically feature a handle and a crank that allows you to quickly and easily reel the tape back in when you are finished with it.

Industrial Laser Tape Measures

Industrial laser tape measures do not use an actual tape in order to take measurements. Instead, the measurements are taken with a laser. You simply place the measurer on one end of the item you want to measure and push the button to activate the laser. When it hits the other end of the item, it automatically determines the distance, and gives a digital readout of the measurement it took. These measures are a good choice for those who need to take many measurements quickly.

Industrial Tape Measures with Spirit Levels

Spirit level industiral tape measures feature a built-in spirit level so you can determine whether an item or surface is level as you take its measurements. Some of these tape measures feature a single horizontal spirit level and others have both horizontal and vertical levels. You can even find some with diagonal levels for those working with angled corners.

Industrial Locking Tape Measures

Industrial locking tape measures feature a mechanism that holds the tape in place when it is extended. This is very useful for those who need to make marks at various points along the item you are measuring. When the tape is locked in place, you can also run a blade along the side of it to make cuts as you measure.