Industrial Test Meters And Detectors

Whether you're looking for test equipment radiation detectors, thermometers, hygrometers or multimeters, there's a vast range of industrial test meters and detectors to get the job done. Most modern handheld devices are now digital and favoured for their accuracy, but you can also find analogue meters that are useful for detecting slow changes in voltage as you can watch the needle gradually move over the scale.

Multi-Purpose Multimeters

Designed to measure electric currents, voltage, resistance and a range of other values, multimeters are easy-to-use handheld testers that you can apply to a range of situations. Troubleshoot electrical problems or measure the voltage of a battery, all using the one device.

Other Test Meters And Detectors

If you're looking to determine the temperature of an object, you can use infrared thermometers from a distance to detect the infrared energy emitted by the materials and convert them into an electrical signal displayed in units of temperature. Other test meters and detectors include hygrometers for measuring the humidity of the air or a gas, and test equipment sound level meters for acoustic measurements.