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Industrial Timber

Lumber and millwork

Lumber and millwork materials are often used on a range of construction and building sites for property development and carpentry work. Lumber is wood that has been processed into planks or beams and millwork is a similar style of wood used for interior and exterior finishes and decorative pieces. There is a wide selection of lumber products suitable for a range of uses. Youll find options to buy per beam of wood or bulk packs for larger building projects.

Many of the big names produce lumber, but there are plenty of unbranded lumber and millwork options for you to take advantage of.

Structural and framing work

Lumber is ideal for structural work in buildings and framing uses. The selection of quality products on offer gives you affordable materials for every project. There are several types of lumber to choose from including pine and cypress plus many others, in either treated or untreated finishes. For framing beams, there are several options of engineered wood which provides handy sizes and beam structure for use when constructing roofs.

Bulk lumber and timber

If youre looking for lumber for a large job or structural project, there is a huge selection of options to buy timber in bulk. Beams and planks come in a variety of lengths and widths, plus it can be cut down to size easily for specific use. Youll find a range of pack sizes of this strong and durable product for construction work.

Interior wood

For decorative and internal construction aspects, there is a variety of chipboard and plywood options to suit a range of projects. This quality material is ideal for sealing the inside of a building and comes in a wide selection of sizes to suit the space. There are also woodworking accessories such as fluted dowels and wood screws to secure the materials. For precision millwork and cutting your lumber to correct sizes, there are a selection carpenters tools available including woodworking pencils, cutters and guides.