Welding Aprons

Welding is a powerful manufacturing technique that has enabled the making of more or less everything with metal parts nowadays. It is, relatively speaking, much more simple than anything that came before, and certainly doesn’t require even half the training of traditional blacksmithing to do competently. Like the methods that came before though; it is still dangerous and you will still need to take precautions and wear protective gear to safely weld. One of the main pieces of protection you should never do without is a welding aprons. Welding aprons are commonly made from reinforced leather, and do actually invoke the ancient past of metal-working by looking a bit like what a blacksmith might wear.

Welding Safety

There are a number of things to watch out for when you’re welding. The heat and sparks are obvious; sparks might fly anywhere and start a fire so you need to make sure there’s nothing flammable exposed to errant sparks. Besides that, welding can also create toxic fumes so you’ll want to wear something along the lines of a welding helmet or a mask to make sure you’re not breathing those in. Welding helmets also protect your eyes from the UV radiation given off by the spark. UV radiation is the same thing that makes the Australian sun so deadly.

Other Welding Safety Gear

Besides the mask and apron there is some other equipment you’re also going to need. Welding can essentially stitch two pieces of metal together so our bodies are extremely fragile when put up against those sorts of forces. There is welding protective gear for every conceivable part of your body as well as items such as welding curtains to section off your environment to protect anything flammable as well as the eyes and bodies of people who might wander in.