Industrial Welding Curtains

Welding Curtains

Welding is incredibly important in modern manufacturing methods and is used in the making of everything from furniture to satellites. You can’t just pick up a welder and have a go though; there are certain safety procedures to observe, not the least of which is having all of the appropriate safety equipment in place. Besides the ubiquitous mask and the gloves (the point of which becomes clear very quickly if you try welding without), there are also welding curtains. Welding curtains will protect any part of the environment in which you’re welding from heat and flying sparks which is helpful for more or less everyone who isn’t welding in the middle of an empty parking lot or air hangar.

Welding Safety

Welding curtains should be used to screen off anything potentially flammable, no matter if it seems like it would be too far away. Welding puts put a lot of heat and the sparks can have a mind of their own. The curtains come in a variety of sizes and are usually mounted on a frame that may or may not come with the curtain itself. The curtains are transparent so that anyone can see that welding is going on behind it, reducing the risk of someone walking in without proper protection. The curtains offer the same sort of protection from the UV radiation as proper goggles though.

Other Welding Safety Gear

Besides protecting the environment in which you do your welding, you’ll also have to thoroughly protect your body from the many dangers of welding such as the heat, flying sparks, radiation, fumes and noise. Your hands are the bits of you that you use to do the actual welding, so welding gloves are an absolutely must. Next, a welding apron is like a curtain for your body, and will prevent any sparks from finding flammable clothing or exposed skin. Earbuds or fire-proof ear muffs are important also, as welding is noisy and doing it for any length of time will damage your hearing. Eye protection likewise essential; a welding spot is not so different from the sun in how it can wreck your eyesight if you look at it directly.