ROAR Into Fun With An Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

Halloween, birthday, Saturday fun in the park – whatever occasion it is that you’re looking at inflatable dinosaur costumes for, don’t bother looking any further. eBay has the largest range of inflatable dinosaur costumes on the market – and you’re guaranteed to find a great price.

Inflatable dinosaur costumes for fun

For inflatable dinosaur costumes online, it’s generally all about the T-Rex, though you might find some other dinosaur types from overseas sellers. There are various colours, styles, sizes and a full range of dinosaur costumes for adults and kids.

For kids

Before you buy anything, check the descriptions. You’ll find some good brands, or unbranded designs. Essentially, they are all quite similar in make and will ensure your child is the focus of attention as this super entertaining costume takes the stage. The kid’s costumes come in a variety of sizes depending on the style. Features usually include:

  • A jumpsuit with a zipper closure that's quick to hop into and out of
  • Fan to maintain the costume's inflation (needs four AA batteries)

For adults

The best adult’s inflatable dinosaur costume comes in the form of T-Rex. Roar! There are Jurassic Park approved styles or unbranded, and they are suited to adults of all sizes – but if you’re particularly tall or shorter than average, check the description to be sure.

Features of these costumes include:

  • Plastic inflatable full-body jumpsuit
  • Zipper at the back and a see-through clear vinyl port in the neck
  • Elastic at the wrists and ankles to ensure an airtight seal
  • Gloves with false claws
  • Battery operated fan to inflate

Things to look for

When buying a dinosaur costume online, keep an eye on the following:

Size: Some costumes are available in a variety of sizes; others may be more suited to children only.

The view: You want to be able to see through the inflatable costume when you put it on.

Permeable material: Australia’s summers are hot enough without being stuck in a sweaty dinosaur mess. Make sure you get a breathable inflatable dinosaur costume.

Walking: You want to be able navigate where you’re going, without getting hurt.

Check the description before you hit BUY NOW and if you have any questions, ask the seller. This will ensure you get the product you want in the mail.