Inflatable & Kid Pools

Inflatable and Kids Pools

If you don’t live by a body of water or don’t have an in-ground pool to cool off in the summer heat, a good option would be an inflatable pool. With the summer heating up and your kids out of school, it’s a blessing for the entire family to have a place to play outside and stay cool. There are many types to choose from, whether a regular rectangular or circular pool or one with a basketball hoop or slide. You can also choose from a large family-sized pool or a small toddler or baby pool, depending on if your kids are younger or if you’d like to splash around in the pool yourself.


For those looking to add some height to their swimming pool, you could invest in an adjustable height model, which is perfect for parents who want to join in the fun. Otherwise, some fun options for the kids are an aquarium pool with fish and seashells with a sprayer included or a slip-and-slide type pool. Also, there are several kids pools available that have removable slides for little ones to enjoy sliding into the wading pool or ones with basketball hoops to add another fun element to swimming. Moreover, if you want a pool that you could use in the off-season for your active family, you can find ones that convert to ball pits too.

Pre-formed Swimming Pools

For families with babies and young toddlers wherein time is limited and safety is a huge factor, a pre-formed swimming pool may be a great option. They do not require any assembly, and some include a wading area suitable for toddlers to easily get in and out. In addition, pop-up pools boast easy setup and storage, and all that’s required is folding out the vinyl sides and filling up the pool.


Many inflatable pool enthusiasts consider well-known brands like Intex, Bestway, Aquafin, and more. Parents want pools that are safe, easy to assemble, and fun for their kids, and many brands cater to these preferences. Compare pool features and prices across various brands to find one that best suits your familys needs.