Inflatable Life Jacket

Inflatable Life Jackets

Spending time on the water boating can be great fun for the whole family but it's important to stay safe as conditions can change quickly and accidents do happen. It is essential to be prepared by having personal floatation devices (PFD) for everyone on board. There is a full range of inflatable life jackets available to keep everyone safe on the water.

Life Jacket Materials

The life jackets are made from a strong nylon plastic which is water resistance and durable to prevent holes and air leaks. There is a softer material of neoprene around the neck to prevent any discomfort when wearing the life jacket. The jackets come in a wide range of bright colours which is practical as brighter colours are more easily seen by boats and lifeguards in case of an emergency.

Personal Flotation Devices with Automatic Inflation

Some of the inflatable PFDs will automatically inflate when they touch the water. This is a great feature for emergency situations or for children who are not sure how to inflate the jackets on their own. There is also a pull tab to inflate if you need to inflate before getting in the water. Models with automatic inflation inflate very quickly, some in 6 seconds or less.

Life Jacket Styles

There are different styles depending on the boat or water activity you are doing. There are different patterns available so everyone can have their own distinct life jacket and the adult life jackets have a universal and adjustable fit to fit most sizes. There are also multi packs of two or more life jackets to supply all your mates when on the boat. The low profile style means you won't feel cumbersome wearing the life jacket but you will still have the peace of mind knowing that you and your friends and family are safe while out on the water.

Safety Standards and Requirements

Many of the life jackets available are checked for Australian safety standards and meet the requirements needed to be approved life jackets in all states and territories. The buoyancy of the different life jackets ranges from 150 newtons depending on the approved weight the life jacket is designed to support.