As the average person spends a third of their life sleeping, we tend to underestimate the importance of having the right pillow, sheets and mattress. While you wouldnt go hiking without the appropriate gear, or enter a marathon without first training for it, it seems that we dont adequately prepare our bedrooms for the right mattress to lie on. If you want to sleep like a log, its all in the bedding.

Types of mattresses

Finding the right mattress to suit your needs and budget comes down to your personal preference. Below are just a few of the types of mattresses available:

Waterbed mattress: Once thought of as a novelty, a waterbed mattress is filled with water and different models provide various levels of support and wave action.

Inflatable mattress: An inflatable mattress uses an adjustable air chamber as the support system. It is designed to look like a normal bed but offers unique features such as the ability to adjust the firmness and allows each side to be controlled separately to accommodate for couples different needs.

Memory foam mattress: Using visco elastic foam in the upholstery layer and support system, its properties allow the foam to contour closely to the sleepers shape.

Gel mattress: This type of mattress uses foam that contains gel in the upholstery layers. A gel mattress offers consumers different comfort, feel, and heat dissipation features.

Benefits of the inflatable mattress

A blow up mattress is a popular choice as it can be used as temporary bedding wherever you are. After use, roll it up and store it away for safekeeping until next time. Inflatable mattresses are also comfortable and soft, which is actually the best type of firmness for sore backs. You are also in control of how high and firm you want your mattress to be, so you can adjust the height to your preferred comfort level.

Dont put your bedding off any longer - shop online on eBay for quality new and pre-loved mattresses in a range of sizes from single to double, queen or king, and get some beauty sleep sooner.