Just when you thought swimming pools couldn't get any more fun, along comes inflatable pool toys. When most people think of 'blow up pool toys,' a colourful beach ball is the first thing to come to mind - but these aren't the only options. There are a range of pool floats and toys to add more excitement to a traditional swim.

Pool toys aren't just for kids - they're enjoyed by people of all ages and swimming abilities. You don't have to be a child to enjoy sitting on top of a giant inflatable animal or lounge, or play with a watermelon or doughnut pool ring.

Types of inflatable pool toys

The Giant Inflatable Swan is a popular blow up toy ride that allows you to chill out and relax while still keeping your toes wet. Share with a friend or spread yourself out and recline - it's a versatile pool toy. Swans aren't your thing? Try a Flamingo, a Unicorn or even a Sugar Skull!

The 6-person floating island raft is ideal for pool parties. With up to 6 person capacity and extra wide pillow backrests, removable sunshade, cup holders and even a cooler bag, it's like your own private party island.

Benefits of pool toys

In addition to feeding the imagination, pool toys can provide endless hours of fun as well as encouraging physical activity. Whether you are climbing on top of a giant inflatable swan and trying to hold your balance or play-fighting with swim noodles, you are using your muscles and exerting energy. Best of all, in this digital world, taking a few selfies atop your inflatable pool toy will make you the envy of all your friends.

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