When it comes to choosing a costume for a fancy-dress party, the choices have ballooned. Rather than just dressing up, now you can also "dress out" with an inflatable unisex costume suit. There is such a wide range of themes to choose from, why would you want to go with the boring old styles that everyone always wears to these kinds of events.

The range includes sumo wrestlers, dinosaurs, fat suits, Incredible Hulk suits, unicorns, aliens; the possibilities are endless. Any one of these inflatable styles will see you making a giant splash at your next party bash.

Businesses can also find these inflatable costumes a useful form of low-budget advertising. They tend to attract attention and costumed employees can move around freely intermingling with customers or drawing them in from the street. Although there is a wide variety of ready-made inflatable costumes available, they can also be custom made to suit any theme or type of mascot required.

Prices for inflatable costumes are very reasonable, making them affordable for everyone. Made from polyvinyl and with battery packs for easy inflation included, there is really a price tag to suit everyone’s budget.

How to Get into an Inflatable Costume

Most inflation methods for these costumes are the same no matter which design you choose. The fan usually comes already installed in the costume. You simply need to attach it to the battery pack using the cord provided. First step into the costume and ensure the elasticised bands around your hands and feet are firmly secured and that your face is correctly placed in the headpiece. Close any zippers then press the button on the battery pack to start up the fan. The suit should be fully inflated in just a short time and you are good to go. The batteries will last you up to four hours.

You’ll find a huge variety on inflatable unisex costumes on eBay to suit your next fancy-dress party and they are great conversation starters. But beware, you could end up being the centre of attention.