Infrared Cameras & Thermal Imaging

Thermal Camera

Having a thermal camera (also known as a ‘night vision camera) on hand can be incredibly useful in many different situations. If you own a boat and spend a good deal of time out on the water, investing in a thermal imaging camera is a great idea for the sake of safety. If, for example, you get caught out on the water at night and your lights arent working or arent strong enough, a thermal camera will allow you to identify rocks or debris in the water, and help you to find somewhere safe to take your boat to shore. Much as you would rely on a good pair of binoculars during the day, a thermal imaging camera is your best friend at night – this also goes for hiking or travelling through unknown territory at night if, for any reason, you are unable to safely use a torch.

Using a thermal camera around the home or on a job site

Infrared cameras and thermal imaging can be useful in a number of day-to-day situations as well. Everything has a thermal (or heat) ‘print – even ice – so a thermal camera can help you detect differences in matter around the home or on a work site. If you work in plumbing or maintenance, for example, or if youre a homeowner trying to figure out whether theres a problem before calling for professional help, a thermal camera can help you to locate a leak in a wall, or find an electrical short in your home or workplace.

Buying a thermal imaging camera online: new vs. second-hand

There is a vast range of cameras available online via eBay in terms of price and sophistication, so youre sure to find something suitable for your needs. If youre looking to buy a thermal camera for use in a business, you may wish to buy one new for the sake of a product warranty, but if youre looking for one to use for a hobby or around the home, keep your eye out for second-hand listings at great prices. Start looking online today and set your self up to see things more clearly!