Infrared Thermometers & Laser Thermometers

Infrared thermometers are used to effortlessly measure the surface temperature of hazardous and inaccessible objects such as hot water pipes, hot engine parts, hot tubes and insulation, cooking surfaces, electrical connections and many other areas. These tools will tell you the surface temperature within a second. Hold the device in one hand and simply point to an object to read its current temperature.

Infrared non-contact laser thermometer

An infrared gun-style digital laser thermometer takes accurate temperature readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The handheld tool uses a red laser pointer for precise aiming. Typically its measurement range is somewhere between -50 degrees Celsius and +650 degrees Celsius, but this varies quite significantly between models. They tend to be accurate within 2% and display readouts on a digital LCD screen. You can also buy mini infrared thermometer pens for ultra portability, but read the item description closely to be sure this tool is appropriate for the job.

Infrared contact thermometer

A premium contact thermometer can offer all the temperature measurement functions required for industrial, electrical or HVAC applications. It measures both infrared and contact temperature and is a fast, efficient way to measure all types of hot, moving and hard-to-reach objects. You can use this device to check motors, breakers, insulation, pipes, wires and more.

Features and functions

Many of the functions of a portable infrared thermometer are similar to outdoor thermometers, but there are also some unique considerations. You should look at items with an internal memory with at least 10 sets of data recording, maximum/minimum/average holding function, low/high temperature alarm data, current emissivity display, backlight ON/OFF selection and auto power shut-off after a period without use. Other specifications worth noting include response wavelength, measuring precision, repetition, response time, optical ratio, display resolution, laser wavelength, laser power, power supply, maximum power, operating temperature and humidity, and continuous working time. These tools can weigh approximately between 100g and 250g depending on the model.

Whether its medical thermometers, outdoor thermometers or another type you need, check out the comprehensive range on eBay now.