Injector Tester Diagnostic Tools

Injector Tester Diagnostic Tools

Manufacturers design injector tester diagnostic tools to test the efficacy and general condition of fuel injection systems. In the vast majority of cases, people use these diagnostic tools to test electronic fuel injection systems, which are the standard systems found in most motor vehicles, as opposed to the direct fuel injection systems found in performance vehicles.

Injector Tester Diagnostic Tool Types

The common types of injector testers separate into traditional and diesel fuel models. But within these two classes, there are portable kits. These kits are small and come prepackaged in carrying cases, with variable components to test different vehicles and injector types. Stationary testers mount to counters or workstations.

Fuel Pressure Tester Diagnostic Tools

Fuel pressure tester diagnostic tools are ideal for use by those with experience using these machines, and it is best for novices to perform these checks under the supervision of those experienced individuals. For safety sake, have fire-suppressant materials on hand when diagnosing fuel systems, from injectors to pumps and other elements of a vehicle. The pressure tester connects directly to the injector, passing the fuel through a gauge which measures the pressure of the injection before it passes to the engine.

Motorbike Injector Tester Diagnostic Tools

Motorbike injector testers usually receive electronic signals from sensors which display condition readouts. Rather than connecting hoses flanking a pressure dial between the injector and the engine, metal or plastic wands touch the sensors on and around the fuel injector, prompting a readout on the handheld display.

Injector Tester Diagnostic Tool Warranties

It is critical that Automotive diagnostic service tools provide accurate readings for a significant period of time. For this reason, the vast majority of injector tester diagnostics tools carry warranties of one to three years. Where possible, purchasing an injector tester with a longer warranty guarantees the purchase for a substantial lifetime, ensuring you don't need to worry about problems or replacements.