Inkjet Printers

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are devices engineered to recreate digital images by propelling ink droplets onto substrates such as paper, plastic, etc. They are the most used printers and there are different models built for personal, office and professional use. Since the 1950’s, inkjet printers have not changed much in terms of how they operate but the technological features around them has changed by a great degree. Knowing the various features available can help you make an informed buying decision.


Nowadays, inkjet printers do more than just print; they also scan documents. Such printers are referred to as all-in-one inkjet printers. As most documents are now stored in computers or shared via the Internet, having a scanner embedded in you printer can come in handy when you need to digitise a document.


Most inkjet printers have USB ports that allows them to be easily connected to computers. Those designed for office have Ethernet connectivity for easy wired networking. If you are buying a home printer that will be connecting with mobile devices, buying one with Wi-Fi connectivity is a great idea.

Paper Handling

Inkjet printers have trays that accommodate upto a certain number of sheets of paper. Typically, personal printers can hold between 100-150 sheets in a tray. Printers with large trays are able to print many documents before the next reload. This is especially important for business printers where a lot of printing takes place and minimising the number of reloads saves a lot of time. High-end inkjet printer models are able to accommodate 500-1000 sheets of paper. If larger sheets of paper are to be printed, large format inkjet printers are the best choice as they can accommodate larger sized sheets of paper.


Inkjet computers come with small digital displays that help you select menu options or show a printer’s status. Some may display a few lines of character-based messages while more advanced ones come with full-colour LCD touch displays.

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